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The Chosen
Series/Author: Chaim

Hardcover - Great 1967 Copyright The Chosen (Reuven Malther #1) by Chaim Potok It is the now-classic story of two fathers and two sons and the pressures on all of them to pursue the religion they share in the way that is best suited to each. And as the boys grow into young men; they discover in the other a lost spiritual brother; and a link to an unexplored world that neither had ever considered before. In effect; they exchange places; and find the peace that neither will ever retreat from again. . . . Learn More

Gone With The Wind
Series/Author: Margaret

Mass Market Paperback - Great Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell Scarlett O'Hara; the beautiful; spoiled daughter of a well-to-do Georgia plantation owner; must use every means at her disposal to claw her way out of the poverty she finds herself in after Sherman's March to the Sea. Learn More

Lord Of The Flies
Series/Author: William

Paperback - Good Lord of the Flies by William Golding; E.M. Forster (Introduction) Classic novel by a Nobel prize winner about a group of boys who; after a plane crash; set up a primitive society on an uninhabited island. Learn More

Ways To Grow
Series/Author: Eldon

Paperback - Great Ways to Grow: 101 Virtue-Building Devotions by Eldon Weisheit Kids come to their parents with a lot of things on their minds. From innocent to hard-to-tackle questions; this devotion book helps parents initiate faith talk with their children to instill Christian virtues while talking about everyday questions.This collection of 101 real-life stories helps children ages 4 to 10 make Christ-like decisions and talk about their feelings and fears. Younger children enjoy hearing these stories read to them. Preteens enjoy reading them aloud for family devotions or to themselves. Each devotion features a Bible reading; story; questions to discuss and a short prayer. Ways to Grow addresses the market that is continuing to express interest in life-related materials that help them and their families put their faith in motion in their everyday lives. Learn More

Giving The Blessing
Series/Author: Gary

Paperback - Great Giving the Blessing by Gary Smalley; John Trent Focusing on how to be a blesser--weaving the ancient practice of giving a blessing into the fabric of everyday life--these meditations are designed to help readers enrich their relationships; with children; spouses; friends; and others; through the rediscovery of giving blessings. Learn More

Pursuit Of His Presence
Series/Author: Kenneth

Hardcover - Great Pursuit of His Presence: Daily Devotions to Strengthen Your Walk with God by Kenneth Copeland; Gloria Copeland (Goodreads Author) Now available in paperback. With more than 125;000 copies sold of Pursuit of His Presence; this new edition brings the same life-changing devotions to readers; helping them know the wisdom; grace and power of God. (July) Learn More

Portraits Of Devotion
Series/Author: Beth

Leather Cover - Great Portraits of Devotion by Beth Moore From Beth Moore's Personal Reflection Series on the lives of Jesus; David; John; and Paul comes 366 devotional readings to draw you closer to God. Experience the life-changing; bondage-breaking power of God's Word each day as you journey through some of the most amazing stories of devotion found in the Bible. Learn More

Start With Praise
Series/Author: Sally

Paperback - Great Start with Praise: Living Empowered Through Prayer by Sally Burke Feeling Inadequate? Be Empowered! Today's needs and tomorrow's uncertainties can bring us to our knees. We often don't feel up to the task of carrying out God's mission with strength and courage in our jobs; activities; and families. Let this 40-day devotional help empower you to be bold in all you do and to experience the joys of faithful prayer. Just like Jesus chose 12 ordinary men to be His disciples; God placed you right where you are—in the middle of an ordinary life that can have eternal impact. Follow the Moms in Prayer four-step prayer process day by day; and learn how to invite God's power into every area of your heart. It all starts with praise... Learn More

Our Best Life Together
Series/Author: Joel

Hardcover - Like New Joel Osteen Our Best LIke Together: A Daily Devotional for Couples Devotional Religion Whether you've been married a few months or a few decades, this encouraging daily devotional will help you find quiet moments together to strengthen your faith in God and renew your love for and commitment to your spouse. In Our Best Life Together, Joel and Victoria Osteen want to encourage you in your marriage and remind you that God brought you together to help each other succeed and to become all He created you to be. There's no better way to experience the fulfilling marriage God intends for you than to set aside a devotional time together each day and set your minds in the right direction for a positive, happy, faith-filled marriage. When you live together in unity, you honor God and open the door for His blessings to flow into every area of your life. If you will do your part, God will do His part, and you can live in love! Learn More

Rocks And Fossils
Series/Author: Science

Hardcover - Good Rocks & Fossils ( The Nature Company Guides) by Arthur Bresnahan Busbey, Robert R. Coenraads (Goodreads Author), Paul M.A. Willis, David Roots Rocks & Fossils reveals how the study of rocks and minerals enables us to uncover many of that have taken place in that vast timespan. It explains how, by looking at fossils within those rocks, we can discover what organisms were alive at various times. It establishes which fossil families have survived to the present day, and in what form. In addition, it opens our eyes to the critical role Earth's resources play in our daily lives and the importance of conserving them for future generations. This book takes you on a journey to the most remarkable geological and paleontological sites in the world, and explains the significance of the material they contain. Stunning photographs and illustrations will inspire you to start you own rock and fossil collections. Detailed information is given in how to identify the specimens you find and there is practical advice on how best to display and care for them. Learn More

The Wall Of Storms
Series/Author: 2 Dandelio

Paperback - Great The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty #2) by Ken Liu (Goodreads Author) Kuni Garu; now known as Emperor Ragin; runs the archipelago kingdom of Dara; but struggles to maintain progress while serving the demands of the people and his vision. Then an unexpected invading force from the Lyucu empire in the far distant west comes to the shores of Dara—and chaos results. But Emperor Kuni cannot go and lead his kingdom against the threat himself with his recently healed empire fraying at the seams; so he sends the only people he trusts to be Dara’s savvy and cunning hopes against the invincible invaders: his children; now grown and ready to make their mark on history. Learn More

Series/Author: 3 Halfbloo

Paperback - Fair Elvenborn (Halfblood Chronicles #3) by Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey In this long-awaited new novel in The Halfblood Chronicles, fantasy greats Norton and Lackey tell the enthralling story of the reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian, who emerges as a hero in a world torn by politics and war. When his cousin, Aelmarkin, tries to prove that Kyrtian is unfit to run his estate, the plan backfires, and soon Kyrtian, who doesn't share the venal, greedy nature of his cousin, finds himself with more power than he ever wanted. Like his father before him, Kyrtian has always treated the humans on his estate like servants, instead of enslaving them as other elvenlords do. His father's legacy also leads Kyrtian to learn ancient military skills long since lost to elvenkind through the carelessness of the elvenlords. Kyrtian's rediscovered knowledge piques the interest of the current elvenlords, and soon Kyrtian finds himself appointed the new commander of the army, to the relief of his ruling peers. For the sons of the most powerful elvenlords, the Young Lords, have rebelled against their fathers and are waging war. But by taking advantage of both the privileges of his new command and the help of some unexpected new friends, Kyrtian finally gains the resources to embark on his own, personal quest--resuming his father's search for the Great Portal, the magical doorway through which the original elvenlords entered this world. As war rages between some sons and fathers, Kyrtian searches desperately for his own lost father, hoping to uncover not only the mystery of his disappearance, but also the secret behind the origin of elvenkind. Learn More