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Perfect Princess
Series/Author: 8-12

Hardcover. Excellent Condition Learn More

The King Of Show And Tell
Series/Author: Abby

Paperback Abby Klein Ready, Freddy Learn More

Miss Lanely Is Zany
Series/Author: Dan #8

Paperback Learn More

Save The Earth
Series/Author: Ready Fred

Paperback Abby Klein Ready, Freddy Learn More

Whos Mandie
Series/Author: Lois

Paperback Lois Gladys Leppard Young Mandie Mysteries #1 Christian Fiction Mystery Nine-year-old Mandie Shaw knows that cats don't just appear out of nowhere, especially in the woods near her family's log cabin. But when Mandie and her good friend Joe hear a soft meow on their way home from school, they soon discover that's exactly what has happened. Who would leave a cat alone in the woods? And will finding the answer mean Mandie will have to give up the first pet she's ever had? (less) Learn More

My Life As A Broken Bunge
Series/Author: Bill

Paperback Bill Myers Christian Fiction HUmor #3 The incredible worlds of Wally Mcdoogle Dorkoid Wally McDoogle has never looked so cool! This special edition gives readers all of the McDoogle out-of-control humor in a hip, hardcover format with never-before-seen wacky illustrations. My Life As a Broken Bungee Cord keeps readers on the edge of their seats as one calamity builds upon another until, with his life on the line, Wally learns what it means to fully put his trust in God. If they're adding to their complete Wally collection or just starting a new one, this upgraded edition is a must for every young reader's library. (less) Learn More

Ginger Nutmeg And Clove
Series/Author: Ben

Paperback. Excellent Condition Learn More

Double Dare
Series/Author: Twintuitio

Paperback Tia and Tamera Mowry #3 Twintuition From TV stars Tia and Tamera Mowry comes Double Dare, the third book in their popular Twintuition series about the super-special—and sometimes supernatural—bond between sisters! Identical twins Cassie and Caitlyn Waters may be able to see into the future, but with a teacher who suspects they have powers waiting to catch them midvision and the grandmother they just met in town to teach them how to better control what they foresee, the last thing they need is more trouble. Luckily, a class-wide game of Truth or Dare has begun and the twins are having fun competing. When a vision shows the girls’ friend getting hurt, Cassie and Caitlyn know that they’re the only ones who can prevent it. (less) Learn More

Iggies House
Series/Author: Judy

Paperback Judy Blume When it comes to friendship, who cares about skin color? This classic middle grade novel from Judy Blume carries an important message—with a fresh new look. Iggie’s House just wasn’t the same. Iggie was gone, moved to Tokyo. And there was Winnie, cracking her gum on Grove Street, where she’d always lived, with no more best friend and two weeks left of summer. Then the Garber family moved into Iggie’s house—two boys, Glenn and Herbie, and Tina, their little sister. The Garbers were black and Grove Street was white and always had been. Winnie, a welcoming committee of one, set out to make a good impression and be a good neighbor. That’s why the trouble started. Because Glenn and Herbie and Tina didn’t want a “good neighbor.” They wanted a friend. Learn More

The Case Of The Mummy
Series/Author: JigsawyJo

Paperback James Prellar Jigsaw Jones Mystery #6 Second-grade detective Jigsaw Jones and his partner, Mila, have an eerie case to wrap up when a mummy is spotted at the class Halloween party. Humorous line drawings on every spread Learn More

The Case Of The Marshma
Series/Author: JigsawJo

Paperback Jigsaw Jones #11 James Prellar Clever, funny detectives Jigsaw Jones and Mila Yeh solve mysteries in shool and out. Learn More

The Case Of The Haunted
Series/Author: #15Jigsaw

Paperback Fair condition James Prellar #15 Jigsaw Jones Mystery When Jigsaw takes a new case, he becomes the key eye-witness to an eerie escapade. But he can't believe his eyes. He didn't really see a scarecrow walking, did he? Learn More