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Mandie And The Turnks Se
Series/Author: Lois #5

Mandie and the Trunk's Secret Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #5 Christian Fiction Mystery Mandie and her best friend return to the attic to investigate and discover a set of old letters which include some important and exciting information. Ages 8-13. Learn More

Thanks For Being My Frien
Series/Author: Lois

paperback Lois Walfrid Johnson Let's Talk about It Stories for Kids Learn More

My Life As A Prickly Porc
Series/Author: Wally Mcdo

Paperback Bill Myers #23 the incredible worlds of Wally Mcdoogle Another McDoogle disaster begins as one little lie leads to a bigger lie that leads to an out-of-control lie. When the chaos reaches its peak, the entire world thinks it's under attack by a space alien that resembles a giant porcupine. Learn More

Series/Author: Donna

Paperback Donna Fletcher Crow #1 Daughters of Courage Kathryn: Days of Struggle and Triumph Kathryn had never been short on courage. But untamed Idaho seemed determined to defeat her. She looked out on a wilderness so hot and dry that the nearest fresh water was 15 miles away and the only thing that thrived was an endless sea of sagebrush that made a perfect home for rattlesnakes. Yet Kathryn Jayne was determined to do more than survive. She was determined to thrive. And thrive she does — even when those nearest to her die, even when murder strikes her tiny community, and even when a dashing, irreverent Scotsman with a troubled past brings more turmoil to Kathryn’s heart. From the wilds of Idaho, to Edwardian London, to enchanting Scotland, this compelling novel records how Kathryn became an inspiration to her family and the foundation of the gripping Daughters of Courage saga. Learn More

The Creepy Sleepover
Series/Author: #17CulDe

The Creepy Sleepover, Beverly Lewis #17 The Cul De Sac Kids Dunkum Mitchell's imagination kicks into high gear when he and seven classmates sleep over at Miss Hershey's house. Creepy sounds and weird shadows keep Dunkum wide-eyed and wanting to go home--until crazy Jason Birchall comes up with a better idea! Learn More

The Frozen Space Pilot
Series/Author: Gilbert

Paperback Gilbert Morris #8 Daystar Christian Fiction Science Fiction The Daystar crew discovers an escape pod that was frozen in time. The pilot inside, Galan Knowles, has been frozen for more than 5000 years! But their thrilling discovery enrages the Daystar's enemy, Sir Richard Irons and the Jackray. Before the Jackray ambushes, the crew must start putting the pieces together. In this fast-paced sci-fi adventure, the space rangers discover how God reveals Himself to us in times of fear and confusion. (less) Learn More

The Quest For The Second
Series/Author: Superkids

Paperback Christopher P.N. Maselli #2 Commander Kellie and the superkids Christian Fiction Middle Grade Orphaned 14 years ago, it’s hard for Paul to believe he’s found a clue that could lead him to what he’s missed his entire life–a real family. Without wasting any time, he sets out on a quest like no other! And when Missy joins him unexpectedly, their adventure turns into a hilarious mystery filled with danger and intrigue. Will Paul ever find his real parents? Why are the forces of darkness working so hard to keep him from the truth? Only a steadfast heart and a deep understanding of his relationship with God will send him in the right direction! (less) Learn More

Caged Rivalry
Series/Author: Superkids

Paperback Christopher PN Maelli #5 Commander Kellie and the superkids Christian Fiction Middle Grade Superkid Missy Ashton and NME Agent Mashela Knavery have only one thing in common–they’re both messing up Missy’s life. And Paul, Missy’s covenant brother, seems to care more about spending time with the captured NME agent than he does with her. Then when Mashela escapes, it’s a no-holds-barred race to the end…and to a final confrontation that may have Missy in deeper than she’d bargained. Will Missy put up with the trouble Mashela is causing? Will Paul be deceived by the NME agent? Will Mashela destroy the relationship between the two Superkids? Only a right heart before God and a good dose of His power will help Missy get straightened out! Prepare for an fight to the finish when two rivals compete in this page-turning adventure! (less) Learn More

Mandie And The Ghost
Series/Author: #3Mandie

Mandie and the Ghost Bandits Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #3 Christian Fiction Mystery A gold shipment, a train wreck on a moonlit night, and a gang of robbers disguised as ghosts are all part of this suspense-filled adventure! Ages 8-13. Learn More

The Mystery Of African Gr
Series/Author: Three Cous

Paperback Elspeth Campbell Murphy Three Cousins Detectie Club #22 Religous Fiction Mystery His neighbor's new African gray parrot gives Titus and his two cousins a new mystery to solve. Learn More

Battle For Control
Series/Author: 1 Adventur

Paperback Battle for Control (Adventures in Odyssey: Kidsboro #1) by Marshal Younger Kidsboro is a small town in the woods behind Whit's End in Odyssey. It has a church, a store, a police station, a bakery, a newspaper, and a total of zero citizens over the age of 14. It's a town run by kids. Ryan, the mayor, helps enforce the laws, create new jobs, and keep the peace in a town where he seems to have lots of friends (and a few enemies). In book #1, an election for Kidsboro mayor sets off a Battle for Control. After Ryan's vote leads to a rebel getting booted from Kidsboro, the most popular (and pretty) girl at Odyssey Middle School won't be stopped in her campaign against him. Learn More

A Time To Cherish
Series/Author: 10 Christy

Paperback A Time to Cherish (Christy Miller #10) by Robin Jones Gunn (Goodreads Author) Teens across the nation have made this series from Robin Jones Gunn a bestseller! Readers can find out for themselves why the series is so popular as they, too, become friends with Christy Miller. She becomes the perfect role model for today's teens by making a commitment to Christ in the first book and then growing in her walk with the Lord in the next eleven books. Throughout the series, Christy learns about friendships, dating, becoming responsible, waiting on God, being faithful, and God's rewards for obedience. Learn More