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Hot Chocolate Friendship
Series/Author: Nancy

Hot Chocolate Friendship, Nancy Levene These humorous, contemporary stories of Alex's adventures entertain while revealing how faith can be applied in the daily lives of preteens.Alex gets the worst partner for the biggest project of the school year. What should Alex do? Learn More

Mandie And The Forbidden
Series/Author: Lois #4

Mandie And The Forbidden Attic Lois Gladys Leppard, Mandie #4 Christian Fiction Mystery What can be causing the mysterious noises in the school attic? How can Mandie and her friends find out without getting into trouble? Ages 8-13. Learn More

Mandie And The Turnks Se
Series/Author: Lois #5

Mandie and the Trunk's Secret Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #5 Christian Fiction Mystery Mandie and her best friend return to the attic to investigate and discover a set of old letters which include some important and exciting information. Ages 8-13. Learn More

Mandie And The Cherokee
Series/Author: Lois #2

Paperback Mandie and the Cherokee Legend Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #2 Christian Fiction Mystery A mysterious legend among the Cherokee people tells of some long-lost gold, hidden for centuries. Would it truly bring a curse upon the one who found it? Learn More

The Mandie Collection
Series/Author: Mandie

Paperback Lois Gladys Leppard The Mandie Collection #1 Mystery Fiction Christian Fiction This five-in-one volume brings MANDIE fans--new and old alike--back to where it all began. Readers will discover anew the charms of the impulsive Mandie Shaw as she faces the ups and downs of first losing her father and then finding her long-lost family in Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Many more mysteries follow for Mandie and her friends in Mandie and the Cherokee Legend, Mandie and the Ghost Bandits, Mandie and the Forbidden Attic, and Mandie and the Trunk's Secret Learn More

Dark Horse
Series/Author: Starlight

paperback Dandi Daley Mackall Animals Horses Starlight Animal Rescue #4 Christian Fiction Starlight tosses her head, and I know instantly by the tightening I feel in her back that something's wrong. . . . Nothing unusual I can make out. . . . Then I smell it. Smoke. Meet 18-year-old Hank. He's Catman's cousin and the all-American, popular, good guy at Starlight Animal Rescue. But a tragic fire has Hank questioning everything--including his ability to rescue anything, even himself. With a burned, wild horse and a lost cat at stake, Winnie the Horse Gentler, now a senior in high school, and Catman Coolidge will have to join Hank, bringing Nickers and everything they've got to save Starlight Animal Rescue. Starlight Animal Rescue: Where problem horses are trained and loved, where abandoned dogs become heroes, where stray cats become loyal companions. And where people with nowhere to fit in find a place to belong. Learn More

Mandie And The Mysterious
Series/Author: #10Mandie

Mandie and the mysterious bells Lois Gladys Leppard (cover shows some creasing) Mandie #9 Christian Fiction Mystery When the bells in the steeple of the big downtown church in Asheville suddenly begin ringing at the stroke of midnight, Mandie and her friends have a new mystery to investigate. The unscheduled bells and bizarre writings on the outside walls of the church have the townspeople upset. Mandie determines that whoever is vandalizing the house of the Lord must be discovered and brought to justice. But her zealous investigation only gets her in trouble; and when an influenza outbreak occurs in the town, many people are only too ready to blame it on the strange happenings at the church. (less) Learn More

Friday Flight
Series/Author: #5Juli Sco

Paperback Colleen Reece Juli Scott Super Sleuth #5 Cozy Mystery Christian Fiction Even super-sleuths deserve a vacation, and beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, beckons Juli and her best friend Shannon. But vacation turns sinister when the girls get involved in an international scheme concerning a missing child. Learn More

Thursday Trials
Series/Author: #4Juli Sco

Paperback Colleen Reece Juli Scott Super Sleuth #4 Christian Fiction Mystery In book 4 of the Juli Scott, Super Sleuth series, Juli and her friends have been subpeonaed to appear as witnesses in a bank robbery case. The court appearance turns ugly. Doing the right thing sets Juli and her friends up for trouble from a revengeful party. Learn More

Wednesday Witness
Series/Author: #3Juli Sco

Paperback Colleen Reece Juli Scott Super Sleuth #3 Mystery- Cozy Mystery The last thing Juli Scott needs right now is another mystery, but she finds herself in peril when someone in their group witnesses something they shouldn't have seen. The challenge is to keep this unsuspecting witness from becoming a victim. Learn More

Trouble On Tuesday
Series/Author: #2Juli Sco

Paperback Colleen Reece Juli Scottt Super Sleuth #2 Mystery - Cozy Mystery Christian Fiction It seems impossible that anything can come between Juli and her new Irish immigrant friend, Shannon Riley. They and their special friends, Dave Gilmore and Ted Hilton, are inseparable—until Shannon falls under the influence of a self-proclaimed prophet and vanishes. Juli and the boys intend to do all they can to help, but only God can save her from a cult that threatens to destroy both Shannon’s mind and soul. Mystery fans of all ages will love this series of fun, whodunnits with Juli and her high school friends. If you love Nancy Drew and Scooby Do, these are the books for you. Learn More

Mysterious Monday
Series/Author: #1Juli Sco

Paperback Colleen Reece Julii Scott Super Sleuth #1 Christian Fiction Cozy Mystery Readers who devour Nancy Drew mysteries will enjoy the super sleuth books starring Juli Scott. This new, compelling mystery series, targeted for girls 9 to 15, provides not only nail-biting adventures but a clear Christian message. As they sort out the clues, Juli and her savvy friends find love and excitement and realize that it pays to have a sense of humor. Learn More