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Nobody Knows
Series/Author: Craig

Hardcover - Great Nobody Knows: The Forgotten Story of One of the Most Influential Figures in American Music by Craig Von Buseck We shouldn't be surprised when we see God use the ordinary to accomplish the incredible. We should be inspired. From the depths of near obscurity at the turn of the last century, a young African American man rose to fame through those ordinary things--listening to his grandfather sing the old slave songs as he lit the streetlamps, sweating through a rented suit during an audition, having a chance meeting with a musical legend as he was mopping the halls of his school. Through the seemingly insignificant pieces of life, God led Harry T. Burleigh along the path to fame, and through him preserved the songs that would form the basis of a uniquely American music. Now Harry T. Burleigh, once world-renowned for his career as a beautiful baritone soloist, an arranger of Negro spirituals, and a composer in his own right, is lifted out of obscurity once more by Craig von Buseck. This inspiring true story will take you back in time to Southern plantations and Northern boom towns, to minstrel shows and soaring sanctuaries, and into the heart of a man who never suspected that God had destined him for greatness. Learn More

The World Is My Home
Series/Author: James

Hardcover - Great World Is My Home: A Memoir by James A. Michener This work from America's foremost historical novelist reveals Michener's experiences and reflections on his life as a writer and on his work. With the same detail of his novels, Michener recalls his memories of encounters with some of his era's most famous and influential figures, including Hemingway and Capote. Learn More