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Room For Another Heart
Series/Author: Yvonne

Paperback - Great Room for Another Heart by Yvonne C. Hebert (Goodreads Author) Set in the Northern Michigan Manistee Forest, Room for Another Heart is an adventurous, heart-warming tale of a woman's courage in overcoming great losses. After the death of Chase, her soldier husband, in Iraq young Cathy Maslin fosters the pets of deployed soldiers at the forest home the couple had moved to after their wedding. Enjoy the antics of these dogs as they interact with Cathy and Moose, the dog Chase gave her as a wedding present. Meet the wild animals bringing adventure and beauty into her life. With the help of veterans who had known Chase, her personal friends, the dogs who enter her life, and the healing forest surrounding her home, she builds a new life and career. The animals stories, both domestic and wild, are true and have been told in a fictional story relevant to our times. Learn More

Eighty Acres
Series/Author: Ronald

Hardcover - Great Eighty Acres: Elegy for a Family Farm (The Condord Library Series) by Ronald Jager Jager, formerly a professor of philosophy at Yale, details the Michigan family farm that he grew up on in the 1930s. Learn More

Grandparents Michigan Sty
Series/Author: Mike

Paperback - Great Grandparents Michigan Style: Places to Go & Wisdom to Share by Mike Link, Kate Crowley Take an active role in your grandchildren's lives. Show them the best of Michigan. Teach the valuable lessons you've learned throughout your years. Grandparents Michigan Style, written by active grandparents Mike Link and Kate Crowley, spotlights 65 Michigan attractions and activities for grandparents and grandchildren, ages 2 and up. It offers tips on making each stop a bonding experience and is filled with insights and advice to help you along the way. If you're a grandparent who wants to play an instrumental part in your grandchildren's healthy development, this book is for you! Learn More

Saving Arcadia
Series/Author: Heather

Paperback Saving Arcadia: A Story of Conservation and Community in the Great Lakes by Heather Shumaker, Jordan Wannemacher (Design) Saving Arcadia: A Story of Conservation and Community in the Great Lakes is a suspenseful and intimate land conservation adventure story set in the Great Lakes heartland. The story spans more than forty years, following the fate of a magnificent sand dune on Lake Michigan and the people who care about it. Author and narrator Heather Shumaker shares the remarkable untold stories behind protecting land and creating new nature preserves. Written in a compelling narrative style, the book is intended in part as a case study for landscape-level conservation and documents the challenges of integrating economic livelihoods into conservation and what it really means to preserve land over time. This is the story of a small band of determined townspeople and how far they went to save beloved land and endangered species from the grip of a powerful corporation. Saving Arcadia is a narrative with roots as deep as the trees the community is trying to save, something set in motion before the author was even born. And yet, Shumaker gives a human face to the changing nature of land conservation in the twenty-first century. Throughout this chronicle we meet people like Elaine, a nineteen-year-old farm wife; Dori, a lakeside innkeeper; and Glen, the director of the local land trust. Together with hundreds of others they cross cultural barriers and learn to help one another in an effort to win back the six-thousand-acre landscape taken over by Consumers Power that is now facing grave devastation. The result is a triumph of community that includes working farms, local businesses, summer visitors, year-round residents, and a network of land stewards. A work of creative nonfiction, Saving Arcadia is the adventurous tale of everyday people fighting to reclaim the land that has been in their family for generations. It explores ideas about nature and community, and anyone from scholars of ecology and conservation biology to readers of naturalist writing can gain from Arcadia's story. Learn More

Michigans Best Beer Guide
Series/Author: Kevin

Papeback - Great Michigan's Best Beer Guide Kevin Revolinski Dont make Michigan Beer come looking for you. Set out on a pils-grimage to pay respects to the great people and places that bring you Michigan's finest liquid joy. Inside you will find: Listings and directions for all the current breweries History and facts about brewing and drinking A calendar of beer festivals and listings for brew clubs Signature pages to record your visits Special offers from participating breweries Things to do / eat / see a short stumble away from the brewery Lots of pretty pictures to make that reading part less stressful Get this book into your glove compartment. You never know when you might need it! Support Michigan brewers by knocking back a few the next time you're in town! Learn More

Detroit Then And Now
Series/Author: Cheri

Hardcover - Great Detroit Then and Now Cheri Y. Gay Celebrating America's favorite cityscapes, this series combines historic interest and contemporary beauty. Then and Now features fascinating archival photographs contrasted with specially commissioned, full-color images of the same scene today. A visual lesson in the historic changes of our greatest urban landscapes. Learn More

No Doubt In My Mind
Series/Author: Sheila

Paperback - Great No Doubt in My Mind Sheila Solomon Shotwell The summer couldn’t have had a worse beginning for Ruth Ann Bloomfield. But it’s two months later and she’s off to visit her dad in Saginaw. Her dream of having Maureen join her is realized and they wind up having one adventure after another. It’s the summer of 1968 when “Hey Jude” is released and even Grand Rapids, Michigan is suffused with the feeling of free-love, protest, and questioning authority. High school is unmarked territory that poses challenges in friendship and in making choices. Ruth Ann’s family is more complicated than ever, and is colorfully influenced by a delightful gay cousin. This book is a sequel to “Gone Before Spring,” which was chosen by the……as a top ten Michigan vacation read. Learn More