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Coloring Flower Mandalas
Series/Author: Wendy

Paperback - Like New Wendy Piersall Coloring Flower Mandalas Gift Coloring Book ATTAIN FOCUS, CLARITY AND PEACE WHILE ADDING BRIGHT AND INSPIRING COLORS TO THESE UNIQUE FLORAL PATTERNS Relax, focus, reach a higher state of mindfulness and simply enjoy yourself as you artfully fill in the intricate shapes. Coloring Flower Mandalas offers you a garden of inspiring blooms, including: • Orchids • Roses • Gardenias • Vines • Lilies • Sunflowers • Loutuses • Marigolds • Poppies • Tulips Learn More

Pregnancy Planner
Series/Author: Carley

Hardcover - Like New The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal by Carley Roney, The Editors Of Thebump.Com From the #1 website for moms-to-be, pregnancy and parenting lifestyle destination, ?comes? a keepsake planner and journal with all the essential pregnancy ?tools and checklists. Excitement and anticipation...Nausea and sleepless nights...All par for the course for pregnancy. Moms-to-be have many questions and emotions, and this planner and organizer addresses both their practical and sentimental needs. The keepsake format allows parents to record everything from feelings and cravings to doctor appointments and baby shower gifts (helpful for when pregnancy brain sets in!), and it also includes 3 pockets for sonograms, photos, and mementoes from the first trimester through the baby's first months. With an additional see-through pocket in the cover for slipping in a personal photo (either of a growing baby bump or a 3D ultrasound), this chic binder is essential for organization, as well as a memory book to save for years to come. Learn More

Mama Knows Best
Series/Author: Kathryn

Hardcover - Like New Mama Knows Best: Words Of Love To Grow By by Kathryn Andrews Fincher Known for her beautiful renditions of children, Kathryn Andrews Fincher offers a special look at warmhearted advice straight from a mother's heart. What would we do without Mama? Sometimes we may wish we still had her hugs to chase away sad feelings, her kisses to take care of boo-boos, and her love to shine in dark moments. Readers will find in Mama Knows Best the perfect way to show their cherished Mamas just how much they are honored and appreciated. Whether for a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or special friend, the lovely pictures and ageless wisdom in Mama Knows Best will remind these wonderful Mamas that loving words are as helpful to big kids as they are to small ones. Learn More

The Farmers Wife Sampler
Series/Author: Laurie

Paperback - Like New The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Coloring Book: Color 70 Classic Quilt Designs from Your Favorite Sampler Collection by Laurie Aaron Hird When quilting meets coloring, beautiful things happen! The nostalgic beauty of Laurie Aaron Hird's bestselling Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt series has been captured in this commemorative coloring book designed around time-honored blocks and inspired fabric motifs. Laurie's traditional blocks, inspired by actual letters from 1920s and 30s farm wives, give quilters a glimpse into this country's rural roots and commemorate the strength and hope of women of the Great Depression. These coloring pages depict many of the same beautiful blocks reinterpreted in line-art illustrations, creating coloring pages to delight quilt-lovers everywhere. Also included are 7 patchwork designs that capture the American quilting spirit. The perforated pages include highly detailed fabric designs to color, offering you the simple joy of creative expression. Learn More

A Son Like You
Series/Author: Mountain

Hardcover - Like New The Greatest Gift of All Is... a Son Like You: Words to Share with a Wonderful Son by Blue Mountain Arts (Creator) This exclusive Blue Mountain Arts series brilliantly showcases an unprecedented, creative design. Alive with combinations of vivid, harmonizing colors, it reflects all the feelings and shades of life. The hand-dyed and handcrafted paper used to create these hardcover books makes each title in this series a dynamic standout. The touching, powerful words found inside express all the thoughts that customers love to share with special people for every occasion. Learn More

Reflections From A Mother
Series/Author: Publishing

Hardcover - Like New Reflections From A Mother's Heart by Word Publishing This hardcover memory journal offers a beautiful place to record a mother's life experiences-family history, childhood memories, lighthearted incidents, cherished traditions, dreams and spiritual adventures for her children to treasure. Learn More