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The Shadow Girls
Series/Author: Henning

Paperback The Shadow Girls by Henning Mankell Tea-Bag, a young African girl, has fled a refugee camp in Spain for the promise of a new life in Sweden. Tania has made a long and dangerous journey to escape the horrors of human trafficking. Leyla has come with her family from Iran. All of them are facing different challenges in their new home. Meanwhile, celebrated poet Jesper Humlin is looking for inspiration. Harried by his mother and girlfriend, misunderstood by his publisher and tormented by his stockbroker, Jesper needs a new perspective on life. A chance encounter with Tea-Bag leads him into the shadow world of the immigrant experience in Sweden. Initially he sees the girls purely as material for his next work, but soon discovers they have very different ideas. Learn More

The Home Game
Series/Author: Martha

Paperback The Home Game Martha Bolton Levi and John Troyer are twins, but they are complete opposites. John is a hard worker who puts faith, their father, and the family farm before everything else in his life. Levi’s total focus is baseball. Using a fence post for a bat, he often shirks his responsibilities around the farm, opting for a game of ball instead. When he’s not playing his favorite sport, he’s trying to win the heart of pretty Hannah Weaver, otherwise known as the “only Amish girl who can’t cook.” But when sports talent scout Phil Watson discovers Levi and his incredible pitching arm and offers him a chance to go pro, even Hannah can’t stop Levi from seeking a career in the majors, leaving their community and the Amish lifestyle behind. Sibling rivalry, untold secrets, broken paths, and plenty of surprises await the Troyer family as this story of a son’s dream and a father’s love unfolds. Can an Amish ballplayer make it in the world of professional baseball—and at what cost? Will Hannah wait for the man she loves? Will John ever accept his brother? And in the end, will any of the family finally make it home again? “Anything Martha Bolton writes, I read. Not just because she’s hilarious, but because she spins a great yarn that takes me to better places than I’d hoped to visit, places that nourish my soul. You'll love this book. I sprained my wrist turning pages.” —Phil Callaway, best-selling author of Laughing Matters and host of Laugh Again radio “A heartwarming depiction of Amish life, a woman’s love for her man, and a man’s love of baseball. Bolton hits it way out of the park!” —Beverly Lewis, author of The Shunning “Love baseball? Love a good father-son story? Then you’re going to love this fun and powerful novel by my good friend, Martha Bolton. After all, if an Amish man can run for president (as he did in her first novel, Josiah for President), then why can’t one take on the professional sports world? The Home Game — it’s got my vote!” —Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, 1996-2007, Presidential Candidate, Fox News Host Learn More