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Pick Of The Litter
Series/Author: Bill

Pick of the Litter by Bill Wallace Tom's grandfather is recovering from heart surgery, so during summer vacation Tom is helping him with his hunting dog business. It's hard work, but Tom doesn't mind so much after he falls in love with one of the pups, a rare blue-eyed pointer Tom names Tad. It's almost as if Tad understands when Tom talks to him, especially about confusing things like how hard it is to write to Angie, a girl Tom met on vacation. The trouble is, Grandpa promised the owner of the pup's sire the pick of the litter, and it's pretty clear that's Tad. Tom knows what he should do, but he can't help hoping there's a way to get around Grandpa's promise. How can he do the honorable thing when it will cost him what he wants most in the world? Learn More

Froggys Best Babysitter
Series/Author: Jonathan

Paperback - Fair Froggy's Best Babysitter Jonathan London , Frank Remkiewicz (Illustrator) Froggy's parents are going out for the night and they've left him with a brand-new babysitter! Froggy tries to help out by feeding his little sister and taking a bath on his own, but only Froggy could create havoc in the kitchen and turn bath time into mess time. Will the new babysitter survive his wellmeant antics until Froggy's parents get home? Learn More

The Little Red Caboose
Series/Author: Book

Hardcover - Good The Little Red Caboose Marian Potter , Tibor Gergely All aboard for the timeless classic about the littler red caboose with the big ambition! This classic Little Golden Book, originally published in 1953, tells the tale of a charming red caboose who wants nothing more than to be as popular as the big steam engine at the front of the train. Boys and girls will love the inspiring tale by Marian Potter and the colorful illustrations by Tibor Gergely. Learn More