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Each item we sell has a rating to help you when buying

Our Inventory Rating- 1 - 5

1. Excellent Condition:  Like new, absolutely no stains, no rips or tears, item is used and may have a few small flaws but this item is considered to be in the best used condition possible.

2. Great Condition: Really good condition with no rips or tears, no stains, item is used but may show some signs of use; slight stretching; washed a few times; flaws are very minor

3. Good Condition: Good Condition with no rips or tears; if this item has stains they are very minor and hard to find; signs of pilling or washing; some stretching or wearing of logos and fabric

4. Fair Condition: These items may have small holes or tears; stains may be present and fabric discoloration or stretching will be present; Item is still useable but will have more flaws

5. Poor Condition: These Items will have stains, possible tears or small rips; fabric discoloration or stretching will be visible; these items are useable but are more for collectors or work clothes.


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