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Consignment Furnishings in Dublin features new and used quality furniture at fair prices.

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  • Consignment Furnishings pays the consignor 50 percent of each item sold. 


  • Consignment Furnishings will issue and mail checks for items sold within 30 days of the sale of each item. Checks are issued at the beginning of each month. 


  • After 45 days, merchandise will take a 20 percent reduction. Any reduction before this time will require verbal approval from the consignor. Merchandise not sold after 90 days will recieve an additional 20 percent reduction. 


  • In the rare event an item has not sold after 120 days, it will be reduced at the discretion of Consignment Furnishings or donated to a local charity. 


  • It is the consignor's responsibility to contact Consignment Furnishings at the end of the 120 day contract if he/she wishes to pick up the items. 


  • If the consignor wishes to remove the items before the 120 days ends, the consignor will have to pay 30 percent of the original price to consignment furnishings. 


Please send furniture preview pictures to: 




Number 1

Large Beige Canvas With Red Number 1 Learn More

Victorian | Eliza

Victorian Woman | Wood Glass-Front Frame Learn More

Egyptian Papyrus

Egyptian Deities With Hieroglyphics | Black Plastic-Front Frame Learn More

Multi Colored | Gold Fram

Gold Frame | Gold and Burgundy Matting| Vibrant Multi Colored Learn More

Multi Color Gold Frame

Gold Frame | Gold and Burgundy Matting| Vibrant Multi Colored Tablescape Learn More

Floral Tray | Gold Accent
Size: Multi

Beautiful Black Metal Tray With Sparkly Pastel Flowers and Gold Accent Learn More

Floral Sugar & Creamer Se
Size: Magenta

Staffordshire Associated Potters Purple | Pink | Magenta Flowers Learn More


Inviting Village Cafe | Rustic Learn More


Quaint Village Depicting a Shakespearean Bookstore Learn More

Tribal Shadow Box

Ornate Medallion In a Shadow Box Frame With Beige Matting Learn More

Olympia Beer

Metal Tray | "It's The Water" Learn More

Coca Cola

Metal Tray | Vintage Coke Learn More